It all started off innocent enough; a customer at the bank wanted to get access to her private possessions that she had in the safe deposit box. So a clerk and a security guard escorted her to her bin, and allowed her to look at her possessions. When the security guard noticed that she was taking a long time, she walked back into the vault to see her looking through other boxes to steal! She couldn't hold back, and instead of taking her into custody, she took her head and buried it in between her legs while fucking her in the ass with her nightstick! The clerk couldn't help but jerk off at this sight, but he tripped and fell into view of the guard, who demanded he bring his dick to her. The criminal knocked her out right before her orgasm to turn the tables on her, and invited the clerk to fuck her ass and cum on her face. He was so good at following instructions that the criminal hooked up with him, leaving the ass raped guard to make sense of the crazy fucking that just transpired.
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