High tech going porn! Or incest porn going hi-tech? Whatever it is, Game-Incest is not something you will soon forget. In fact, we are of the opinion that you will remember it for a long time. Not to mention the fact that you will be kneading your shaft for ages as well! Finally, incest porn has been sweetened by a bit of interactivity. Combine this with the thrill of comics, and you have Game-Incest, a sort of all-in-one site which combines an interactive Flash-based incest-themed game, with the story variety of a more common incest cartoon site. Regular incest drawn series you are used to are there as well. What are you waiting for? Just think about making choices for the horny son, the character of the game! Yet there are really few options for a son when his mom spreads his legs in front of him. But now, itís you who will be making this choice! Nothing stirs your imagination like it, planting you straight into the drawn world where you are the one to decide stuff. Doesnít it sound great?

Feel like playing a game? Incest is all about playing, isnít it. A game of roles, of power, of sex appeal. With Game-Incest, you can get immersed into the world of raw, instinct-powered incest sex like never before. No still, pre-made pictures or all-the-same videos have this effect on you! You play on the side of young Roman who simply has to do his mom, and you have to guide him to her royal snatch through all kinds of situations. The plots vary, and itís all animation-based, in Flash. The story reaches a choice point, and you have to make the right choice so that hard-peckered Roman gets what he wants. Apart from that, the site offers still, non-interactive comics and cartoon series focused around the same family. Damn, you will soon get to know it pretty well! However sinful, perverted and outright wrong it may seem, it makes you so hard you can break through walls with your throbbing rod. Put your game console aside, time to play a game of incest sex! Click your way deeper, itís worth it.

The greatest thing about it? It can never get boring. Itís not just one game and a bunch of content thrown together. The site gets regularly updated with new episodes where young, horny as hell Roman waits for your participation so that he can stick his dong into mommy and you beat your meat as the furious animal that you are. The more you spend inside the site as a member, the bigger choice you have in terms of stories and plots. When you succeed, you will spurt just like crazy Roman here! Never before an incest porn site has dragged you into itself so far. Feel the unity with the sex-starved boy who finally wins the ultimate prize by filling his own mother with that throbbing stick of his. Itís you who helped him, and you deserve to squirt as well! This is interactivity and porn blended together in the best way possible. Itís all drawn and not too realistic, but donít be put off by that. It keeps your imagination working, and you just end up squirting harder! A must see for any incest porn fan who is seeking variety made the right way.

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