Are you a fan of toons? Have you ever thought about them in a sexy context? If so, thereís a peculiar fantasy you would certainly like to explore. FamousToonFacial is a site with a name which pretty much reveals it all from the very start, and leaves you with a boner of curiosity Ė and a regular boner as well. A facial is a hot, kinky and somewhat enjoyably disgraceful way to show how deep your love is. And it is deep, is it not? Whatever the series, you can easily imagine sexy female characters getting a splooge on their faces Ė and get hard while imagining it. Naruto, Hey Arnold, Teen Titans, Simpsons, Scooby Do, the list can go on forever. Dear Disney, please donít feel offended by the fact that we fantasize about planting a load on the faces of your characters! This is something we do to the hottest females only, and looks like your characters are ranked at the top in this beauty-filled list. The free area of the site is nothing but an explosion of colors and pictures, with the hottest toons facialized the way you want it to happen. Itís sticky cum, pretty faces, shock and perverted pleasures all over the place!

The member area greets you with so many titles your eyes will bulge out. Not to mention there will be a bulge big enough in your crotch area. The site lists the galleries packed with juicy toon facial images as text links, with the names of the series the characters of which are getting splashed, and as preview images as well. You are welcome to choose the way of navigating through this heap of hot kinky stuff which suits your mood best. One day, you may go for reading the names of the series, recollect the characters you like, and click the link, plunging into the world of images a second later. Alternatively, you can browse the well-picked thumbnails with the moment of facial covering beautifully depicted, and choose a gallery or two to check out based on that. Whatever you prefer, the collection is enormous, and it just keeps growing bigger with uncompromised quality. This means the artists donít settle for faster production of new stuff which makes this very stuff any less lovely. More cum, more toons, more facials, this is the approach!

Finally, letís actually see something! Hey, Arnold is a popular series which you could have watched either when you were younger, or when you just wanted to chill out in front of the box. Itís pretty cool, in a smart way. Letís check out what FamousToonFacial has in here to fulfill our fantasies to see the sexy drawn chicks from the cartoon getting fucked silly and covered with glaze, all over their lovely faces. The site offers galleries along with separate toon-like images, which are sort of stories told with just one drawing. Damn, the toon style of the stuff matches the hardcore, uncensored nature of the cum-splashed sex scenes just perfectly! The site takes your toon fantasies to wholly new levels with its multi-style drawings which bring out the sexy nature of each title they are based on. The characters look just the way you are used to see them, and you may actually think itís some sort of sexy supplement which does not have the censorship of the mainstream stuff. FamousToonFacial aims at top quality toons and fills them with top quality facials, and you are going to love that. The niche focus the site has is totally great. And now go see that cum land on Kim Possibleís cute face!

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