Whether you like toons, hentai, or action movies, CelebHentai is a place which gives every sexy genre a new twist with its stunning selection of hentai-styled comic series packed with your beloved characters getting naughtier than hell. From God of War and Battlestar Galactica to more mainstream 300 (the Spartans thing) and James Bond, the site wraps exceptionally sexy plots with the characters you know and love into stylish, crisp, colorful drawings. The free area is bustling with samples from every possible niche, and the site covers a lot of them. There are so many samples in there, actually, that the preview function is working very well. You can see the artists behind the site are cool and fine with every type of story, from actual hentai to renowned comics, action movies, and even celeb sex plots, like the one with Paris Hilton, a particularly hot piece. Itís celebrities, hentai, toons, action and what not brought together under the roof of one, beautifully made site. There is no shortage of free samples, so you actually see what kind of site you are joining. And you are joining this one, of course.

Going one level deeper inside, we find ourselves in the siteís rich, packed content collection. The updates seem to arrive with astonishing preciseness, and they are well balanced between the types, meaning itís all mixed, a purely hentai story is then followed by a load of toons, then something else, and boredom is not welcomed here at all. The title of an episode explains it all and basically corresponds to the name of the original flick, hentai piece, or whatever there is. Good-written stories which go with each set explain whatís happening with a cool, impressive attitude. The pages with the updates beg to be browsed and browsed and browsed. The thumbnails preserve the original quality of the content, of course, to an extent of a much smaller image. The site offers, apart from the main content section, the bonus part with links to other sexy drawn sites, and the wallpaper section as well, with big, crisp images you would love to see on your screen every day. But then, of course, you risk beating your meat furiously non-stop, every single day, thatís how powerful these drawings are.

Letís venture even deeper inside. A single episode is a section with several pages of image thumbnails. Each page contains around 5 of them, and each of them opens into a full-size picture. These are basically comics, with every image containing one to several screens. All together this makes for a really developed and detailed story. The images have uncompromised quality and look really flawless. Itís handy to have links to other series visited by members who checked out the piece you are seeing now, right on the same page. It creates a very smooth and uninterrupted user experience with lots of related stuff browsed continuously. The site very much corresponds to what it initially promises. The variety is pretty impressive, and hardcore hentai fans will be just as pleased as people into celebrity stuff or action movie characters. The site offers quite a bit to every type of visitor preserving its original drawing style and impeccable visual quality. And of course the sex looks great! But then again, itís useless to describe, you better check it out yourself. CelebHentai is the right name for the hotspot, with lots of things actually in between, just separate the Celeb from Hentai and insert everything else in there.

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